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Esther Spina


As the author of The Ambitious Woman:
What It Takes and Why You Want to Be One
Esther explores the world of women in
the workplace, business or home, and why
pursuing your dreams is so important. Her
insights into what it takes to be ambitious
without being self-centered are a refreshing
take on the age-old dilemma of how to obtain
success without “stepping on people.”










The Ambitious Woman: What It Takes
and Why You Want To Be One, is a candid
look at women in the modern workplace,
what drives them and how they can succeed










Esther Spina is a motivational speaker
who inspires women everywhere to seize
opportunities to become “Ambitious Women.”
Her combination of energy, leadership,
character, and insight have made her a
sought-after speaker and mentor for thousands
of women who are struggling to
succeed in the business world.








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Esther Spina is someone who understands why it is important to have ambition. As an “Ambitious Woman,” Esther
has always set the bar high. In 2006, just after she joined a new company, Esther introduced herself to the CEO of
the company by saying, “You don’t know me, but I’m going to be ‘somebody’ in this company someday.” And that
she was! She became a top 10 money earner eight years in a row, and the 1st person, man or woman, to achieve
the highest position of National Consultant, starting at the bottom of the company.

That confidence has carried Esther to the very top of her profession. Carefully studying The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen Covey, she began to apply these principles in her everyday work life, particularly Habit #1: “Be proactive in every aspect of your business”; and Habit #2, “Begin with the end in mind.” Says Esther, “Beginning with the end in mind gives you a clear vision of where you want to end up, and gives you the strength to fight through any problems you face along the way.”

While a large portion of Esther’s career has been spent working in some form of sales, she has also branched out to help other women become the most successful version of themselves possible. As an author, speaker and consultant, she helps others become ambitious and to take life by the horns so they can succeed in their chosen fields – particularly fields that are dominated by men.

“You have to up your game,” says Esther, “if you ever want to rise above the mediocre and become a success. You
have to do this yourself, because no one is going to do it for you!”

While Esther focuses on helping women become successful, she never forgets that it is her personal faith that has sustained her through difficult times, and through challenges posed by her ambition to be the very best she could be. Her new book, The Ambitious Woman: What It Takes and Why You Want to Be One, is a look at how her faith, core beliefs, and ambition have intertwined to give her the strength to be extremely successful in her pursuits, and how women in any career can apply these same principles to their own journey.

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Enter your information to receive a FREE copy of Chapter 1 of Esther's book The Ambitious Woman