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Esther Spina


Long before she wrote her first book, Esther Spina was on a course that
would lead to hundreds of unique experiences that she would one day share
with her readers.

Raised in California, Esther started out “ambitious” by becoming the first female promoted
to the role of Order Desk Clerk for General Electric/Hotpoint, which she worked up to for
4 dedicated years. While this was an amazing accomplishment for such a young woman,
Esther was not through with “firsts.” After two years Esther moved to San Diego where
she met and married her husband, Frank Spina. Together, they built a highly successful
ceramic tile business. However, the recession of the 1990s made California construction a
difficult industry in which to succeed. Frank and Esther made the decision to
move to Fort Worth, Texas, and Esther began her independent sales journey
by selling business to business for a National Company for the next 12 years.
She then joined another sales organization, where her career took her to
heights she had only dreamed of previously, which inspired a great deal of
writing in her new book, The Ambitious Woman: What it Takes and Why You
Want to Be One.

The Ambitious Woman is a candid look at what it takes to be a successful
woman in business, at home, or in any other environment. Esther shows
how to be ambitious enough to pursue your dreams, no matter what you
envision. Combining her faith, her personality and her own experiences,
Esther brings a love for life and her profession to her book.

Esther’s network, Ambitious Women, provides support through annual
conferences for women within that community. Her goal is to expand her network
to include ALL women. The Ambitious Woman: What it Takes and Why You Want to
Be One is a culmination of years of hard work, and can serve as the unifying factor
in bringing business women together from all walks of life.

As an author, speaker and National Consultant Esther wants to help others enjoy the financial freedom and family-friendly schedules that come from business success. Women in every area of business will find that The Ambitious Woman illustrated how women embody characteristics such as being an inspiration, living in empowerment, and being truly motivational to help others reach their goals and create win-win relationships in every area of life, both business and personal.

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Enter your information to receive a FREE copy of Chapter 1 of Esther's book The Ambitious Woman